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These art creations are available in many colors and shell combinations selected from the materials list. The creation pictures are representative of what they look like.  If you have ideas of what you would like, register on the site and select the various elements available for the piece, or send us a message of your needs. A minimum of 10 days advance notification for a custom piece is required. Some items may require longer if we need to order specific materials.

 If you don't see exactly what you want, please contact us.  We love to do custom work!!!

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    Materials list - Shells

    Abalone, donkey ear abalone, umbonium, urchin spines, button, limpet, spotted tun, tiny sand dollar, sand dollar, trochus, gold mouth pearled turbo, sputnik urchin, white tusk, heart cockle, delphinula, razor clam, coral, sea fan, delphinia, hinged clam shell, hinged muscle shell, shark teeth, spiral shell, starfish, pencil starfish, thorny starfish, sugar starfish.

    Materials list - Other

    Sea glass, turquoise, glitter, Swarovski crystals, faux pearls (genuine pearls available for small additional charge), copper wire, aqua marine jewels, chamomile, lavender, peonies petals, essential oils, pure organic coconut oil, vintage bottles, amber, colored feathers, vintage jewelry, driftwood, black tourmaline, sliver colored copper wire, amethyst, acrylic head band.